updated Jan 15 2021 …

This blog was originally about sharing my trips and my experiences on my travels. I’m not a journalist and as you see, I’m grammatically a disaster (comes from living in another country for 20 years) … but I like sharing and it makes it easier when I return to avoid telling the same stories over and over – which can become quite boring. Today it is a space for me to publish my texts, short stories and poem-thingys. I am primarily a Visual artist. If you’re interested in looking at my work, you can visit either maggie-rapuano.net or check some of what inspires me on instagram.

If you know me than you know I am an American artist living in Bremen, Germany since 1999. If you don’t, than I’ll tell you I came here as a hopeless romantic for love. A love that lasted 14 years… and than some. Anyway, I’m here, and now divorced, and living a life I had always hoped for, but never expected. Living in another country (I’ve lived in three) and being able to see the world is my wonderful reality.

Now that we live in the time of COVID-19, there isn’t much traveling – outside of the the usual errands and then maybe work and all with a suffocating mask that fogs up the glasses! When I did travel I’d rarely be a „tourist“. I like to follow the locals. I like to see where they go, what they do. Old man bars are usually the best to understand the social history and culture…

I’ve been all over Europe and North America, next year if the COVID drops, then it will be Vietnam and Japan. I had two group shows in Japan that I missed because if the sickness… a life long dream on hold. I don’t always have a plan, but the few I had flew away like fall leaves. The spontaneity of life has gone a bit… I thrived on that. Through that, I at times experienced lovely and usually unexpected situations. I have written about them and am currently working on others writings that I am posting here… that I hope you enjoy reading.

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