Halloween in Alameda

In the states we celebrate Halloween. On the 31st of October, everyone gets dressed up in some kind of costume. Kids get dressed up and their parents take them to each door with a light on, ring the bell and the kids say “trick or treat!” Usually it’s treats they get (haven’t experienced the trick part, myself). The costume doesn’t necessarily have to be scary, though the original tradition is that the spirits are free on that day and you dress up to scare them away, or blend in (depending on the source information). I prefer humor over horror.

As a kid, sometimes the parents go all out… sometimes staying up all night to make you a costume. My mother did this in 1984 when I was 10. She made me a full rabbit suit, so I could go to school with my best friend Sarah, in a matching bunny costume and walk in the school parade through town!

Because I’m traveling, I couldn’t take the time to create an elaborate costume (one time I dressed up as a Truck driving, serial killer and had my friends kid put bloody handprints on my boots).


I decided this year to get a child’s superhero costume from a local drugstore, than cut it and duck tape it to myself. Unfortunately, after two days of searching, I couldn’t find one… so I took what I had and added a few accessories! I was a French Spy!

All I really wanted was to get dressed up and greet the little Demons. Fortunately, my friend Heidi likes decorating her home on Halloween like some people do for Christmas! I met two other friends there and had so much fun with the little treaters (and Heidi’s new adorable, toothless, farting dog).

Larry decided to stand still outside amongst the Halloween decorations and wait for people to walk by to scare them. To his dismay, no one came past the house by that time (it was funny how long he waited). The kids stop around 8pm.

People spend hours, sometimes days making haunted houses (as Siobhan did for work at the social welfare office). You really only have a few hours to show, but it’s so worth it.

Halloween is my favorite time of year! It’s the one day that strangers (in costume) can easily talk with another without it being creepy (like me getting on the BART – I reached for a pole and realized I was grabbing a lightsaber- the guy was dressed as Obi wan kanobi! We laughed). No matter your social status or style, every person is equal on Halloween- everyone is free to be silly and laugh! A dream world for me.

Larry waiting eagerly to scare the little ones ringing the bell.
Gummi – the toothless, farting cuddle machine!
Just the four of us (and 4 dogs).
Inside looking out, waiting for the little ones.
Heidi’s home!

It was a wonderful Halloween! Siobhan, Larry and Heidi, know how to have fun with just staying in! Fabulous…